When stuff breaks...


what usually goes out on a busa?

i know its a broad question, but what gives u guys the most downtime that happens to a lot of riders?

i understand if u go fast ur likely to break stuff. hell i've been nova-less for all of 2 weeks now cuz i broke my tranny. did i mention it was a rebuilt one and it only took me 4 days to break that one
but igot it back yesterday and today after school thats my job, to put it back in quickly
better not take me more than 1.4 hours. it only took me .85 hours to rip it out cuz i've done it a lot now on my car lol

anyways, back to busa's...

thanx guys


The biggest issue on the Hayabusa is the clutch. The two piece back torque limiter causes abrupt clutch engagement. You should either replace the stock two piece hub with a billet one or weld the two piece stock unit. Schnitz or APE sell a billet replacement. Heavier duty springs should also be used in place of the stock units as clutch slippage can be a problem on the Busa once you do these basic mods you can flog the crap out of your busa as there are really not any other issues with the bike... Oh on the 99 busa they had cam chain tensioner issues but that has been solved by Suzuki and is no longer a problem.......................Knebnr


thank u for the advice Knebnr!

how much do aftermarket clutches cost to put on a bike (installed)?

see i can work on cars no problem, in fact i swapped my clutch over the winter for a zoom. (and with my first post, i met my preset quota for my time for tranny install! lol, all went very well)

but how much different is a bike? i know im gona get a manual for her when i get the bike, because i'd love to do all the work myself, theres just tons more pride in what you get outa it u know?
but i dont know jack bout workin on bikes yet so what do u suggest?
is this a task i could pull off after talkin to a few here and readin the manual
or leave it to the bike shop?

thanx again


The site is www.schnitzracing.com click on products and then click on Hayabusa stuff. You shouldn't need to replace any of the clutch plates just the hub and spring. Oem Suzuki clutches go for about 225dollars kinda expensive. Fast by Gast of Mre have cheaper clutches that work better for drag racing. If you clutch is ok now you won't need to replace the plates just get the hub and springs and your good to go. If you can fine the hub at schnitz try www.ape.com.....knebnr

Clutch replacement on a bike is easier than a car. Remove the clutch cover on left side. Remove pressure plate usually 6 bolts. Then remove the springs behind pressure plate. then remove clutch plates there are two kinds fiber and steel make sure that you keep the plates all facing the same direction. Inspect all plates for warpage if no warpage than they are fine. reinstall plates alternating fiber and steel then replace hub with either welded hub or billet one piece hub. Install springs reinstall pressure plate torque to spec and and put cover back on check for leaks in the cover gasket with bike running if no leaks your done.......Knebnr
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