busa ignition switch


what tool do i need to remove the ignition switch. or is there another way to free it.
someone tried to steal it last night. i had the ignition locked. and now i cant get it to turn no further than the off position. only thing that saved it from being gone is what i believed the disk lock.
ok here it goes. ignition switch $105.00. after removing ignition switch i found more damage. when the thief broke the ignition the stress broke one of the mounting screw block ( cant think of the right term ). so i had to order a new fork bracket ( the part below the upper fork bracket that has Hayabusa on it ) and that costs $187.00. both prices are before taxes. theres are a couple of other things i have to have the dealership look at and make the call on them.
since its getting pricey im getting my insurance involved to eleviate some of the cash.