BUSA idle RPM's

Mine is idling at about 800 to 850 rpm's and will frequently die on me when I pull in the clutch in preparation for a stop. I have received conflicting info on the proper rpm idle. What do you all have yours idling at?

The idle should be set at 1000 rpm plus or minus 100.

This information is also in the manual. If your bike is prone to dying at speed during shifting, up or down, you may want to bump it up to 1200 to keep this from happening.

Mine is set at 1000 rpm.

Stealth, the one and only.

Thanks man. I'll bump it up a notch when I get a chance. I would have consulted the manual but I know my wife has it buried in our file cabinet among about 3,000,000 other manuals. I figured it would be quicker and easier to just ask.

Thanks again.

ps - The stealth BUSA Rules!
Quadruple B,

try keeping MOM (motorcycle owner's manual) in the hump cowl. Never know when you will be away from home and need it! Can't tell you how many times I have pulled it out to verify things.
different idle for diffrent climats, but the advise is good for Texas. Also if you install a TRE or such you will want to play around with the idle. It will idle higher when in neutral with a TRE on.
I just kicked it up to 1050/1100 and problem is solved. The interesting thing about the manual is it shows you the screw to turn to set your idle, but doesn't tell you what side of the bike it's on or how to get to it. After removing the right fairing I realized what I needed to do was take the tank off. So, I reinstalled the faring, removed the seat and took the two bolts off the tank up close to the speedo, lifted the tank slightly exposing the idle screw and 'whaalaah'. A very simple fix once you know how to get to it.

Now I'm just patiently awaiting my pipes and my rear rubber to get here so I can show my buddy (who just bought a fat boy) what a real bike can do.