Busa has a new home


Well, I finally have a home for my busa. I've been building a house and finally moved in last week. The busa was at a friends house (garage) until mine was done. I picked her up today and put about 110 miles on. It felt great to get back on it. I haven't ridden since I took it up there Thanksgiving. Can't wait to get more days like today so I can ride more.
Congratulations on getting into your house and having the Busa back where it belongs.
Good for you !! nothing like a new place... Here is a picture of the busa in its winter home... A nice warm living room!!!

hey max i tried to put mine in my living room wife said NO BENNY .you must be real smooth to pull that off lucky bastard!
Max, you are truly a lucky man. I'm lucky to have a small portion of the garage. I'd hate to think what she'd say if I mentioned the living room. I guess I can't complain too much though, she gave me the dining room for my drums.