Brake Disc rotors for 2017 Busa with ABS


I was thinking of changing to wave type disc rotors for my 2017 abs hayabusa- both front & rear. Any suggestions as to which brand I should go for and where I could get these at reasonable prices? Also is it possible to get sparingly used ones at a good price?
did you find any after market Roters for gen 2 ?? I could not last year, so I went back OEM $$$$$ 202.00 each
I was advised against wave rotors simply because of the amount of surface area they have. They said that the OEM STYLE DISC'S have more surface area and would be more beneficial on the street..
did you find any after market Roters for gen 2 ?? I could not last year, so I went back OEM $$$$$ 202.00 each
not yet...heard Arashi is good value for money but I was also told unless I do track I dont need to change the stock rotors. so a bit confused.
Think Galfer do a pretty good wave disc , also in 2 types , street and superbike race . Do not know how much , but bet if you shop around on the web , you could get a deal . Most companies do a wave disc , EBC , Braking and can't think of others for now . Be sure to make sure of the Gen 1 or 2 listings when you are pricing up , good luck .
galfer is pretty expensive.
Wave rotors are really for looks alone, they don't help you stop any sooner.
They will be a little lighter than stock, but you won't notice it, not even on a time slip.
Some companies claim they cool better, but it can't be practically measured, nor would the brakes faded any later.
For the cost of Galfer wave rotors you could get stainless steel brake lines(which really improve the feel of the lever), and EBC HH "Extreme Pro" ceramic embedded pads(which Will stop you sooner).
Money better spent. Stopping in a shorter distance can be the difference in you hitting the car or not that just pulled out in front of you.:beerchug:
Hello Amigos!!!! I know there are many people who do not agree, but the new style of Yanashiki Rotors for hayabusa and what I have been able to read is a very good option, even the price has gone up a lot. I have friends who use them on their motorcycles on the track and these rotor are very effective and light. Just my opinion.. See image, Comments are welcome:thumbsup:

Yanashiki Rotor.PNG
The 675 rider keeps referring to the Braketech's ceramic rotors as carbon fiber , but this is incorrect . Ceramic rotors are the ultimate street rotor , ceramic works cold / hot straight away , no worries for street . The carbon race rotors are race only , and require heating up to temp to work and are often shrouded ( GP bikes etc. ) to maintain temp , and once heated are the best braking material combined with special carbon pads . Braketech don't make carbon / carbon brake setups .
The ceramics are found on the best supercar manufacturers , such as Porsche for example , and on a sport bike are said to be a braking revelation .