Bought a cheap torque wrench but...


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I got it at Pepboys for $20. It is the last one at the bottom of this PAGE. I didn't realize until I got back to work that it's in Inch lbs insted of Foot lbs. Well you might say simple enough. WRONG! It doesn't make sense. It starts at 120 in lb - the next measurement is 240 in lbs. One turn of the dial takes you from 120 to 240. The little dial that you turn to adjust goes from 0-2-4-6-8-0-2-4-6-8. Let's say I want 14 foot lbs. 14 x 12 = 168 inch lbs. So being that the wrench starts at 120 in lbs - I just can't figure out where the hell 168 is because if you count clicks it's gets to 240 before you can even set it to 168. Confused? So am I! Does anyone have a similar wrench that they can explain to me? If not this fugger is getting returned or exchanged for the foot lbs version (which is $5 dollars more).
Generally in-lb torque wrenches are for 'lower' torque ranges. I don't know the conversions, but I know it won't go as high as ft-lb ones will.
take it back. ft lbs is the standard. i got a very nice one at sears. it's been a while but i think i paid around $40.
One word....Snapon
Generally in-lb torque wrenches are for 'lower' torque ranges.  I don't know the conversions, but I know it won't go as high as ft-lb ones will.
Well I believe the highest point of torque that I would service myself on the Busa would be the axle nut at 72 ft lbs which = 864 in lbs. This wrench goes up to 960 in lbs so if I could figure out how to use the stupid thing it should suit me fine.
u still never got a hold of me... i have all the tools u need... all u gotta do is ask lol.
definatly appreciate the offer but if I want to fix something or have an emergency repair situation I'd like to have one on hand.  Feel me?
i am available 24 hours
i dont sleep much lol. I work, I ride, I wrench, eat once in a while, maybe bang some whores in between somewhere... and repeat LOL.
oh, the 0-2-4-6-8-0-2-4-6-8.... how ever many increments you have between 120 and 240... my guess is 10 or 5...? you need 168 in. lbs... so... if its 10 increments... put it on the first 8 roughy... or if its 5 increments... between the 2 and the 4.
Problem solved! It took me long enough. To get from 120 to 240 is half a turn - there are 10 lines - each one is 12 inch lbs! lol 2 of us couldn;t figure it out for 2 hours then it hit me.