Bored? Nightclub Video with me DJ'n and runing lights(warning Lryics)


Lily's Daddy
some video an music from when I was spinning at Heartland Nightclub South Bend Indiana back in 2003, at the time the club was owned by ala cart entertainment out of Chicago ace places and I also worked in most of their other clubs including Excalibur, Alumni Clubs, Doom Room and Vision as well as many others...most of our customers @ Heartland where Notre Dame student's...averaging about 1,350 people a night 3 nights a week 5000 in Chicago, dance floor was 5,000 square feet with another 600 sq feet of stage and the club totals 18,000 sq feet in all
Video's are about 10 minutes each, we did live radio shows every week on 2 different stations and on serious radio as well....

I also Installed the entire sound and lighting systems in this club, trusses elevator lifts and all lighting and programming as well as the sound system...been in there 17 years and it all still some of the video you can see the 20 by 60 foot trusses move up and down and the mirror ball drop, with the lights following it as it goes up and down ..
can you believe I cant find a job even now
Not responsible for everyone's lack of dancing ability.....:whistle:

More to come later...takes 1/2 hour each to upload to youtube
Nice. I like house music from time to time. Music in HL2003numb4 is me chills of my ex-raver days :whistle:
Instead of watching the videos I just minimized the screen and did my work while listening to your skills. :thumbsup:
Thanks for sharing.
Looks like fun, just got into DJing and picked up one of the VCI-100's. I can imagine working in a club is a ton of funny but a good bit nerve racking for the first little while.


Lily's Daddy
we have used numark dual cd players and denon for we use pioneer dvd players 2500$ and a 7000$ video mixer
heres what some of what we do looks like...and for the music we dont have video's for we can use any video we want and subtract the time code and use serato to put in our own time code so we can scratch and control the video with the audio cd
sorry the audio on this one is crappy was done with a cell phone
The video mixing is pretty crazy, I can only imagine how far some of this stuff it going to go based on how much ground its gained in just a few years. :thumbsup:

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