bolt ons with stock computer

I have a 2004 and thinking of buying a used set of akropovic bolt ons. I have K and N filter. Will the bike run fine with the stock computer or will I have to put in a power commander?


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Also it's possible you'll shed a little weight by losing the stock cans. You can weigh them and let us know.
I'm searching around for some information and found this to be interesting. I have a 2007 Busa currently with Yoshi RS3 slip-ons, stock air box, and no power commander. Tomorrow I am putting in a K&N air filter and iridium plugs. Do I need a power commander? Do you think it will run lean and be harmful to the motor?

There is a tuner close by who will tune the bike for $165 if I get a power commander. What difference in power do you think the bike would produce if I ditched the yosh pipes and went with a full muzzy, small box mod, and got it tuned? Thanks for your comments. I sort of have my own answers in my head but I'd like to have some other opinions. The tuner also told me I should think about installing new friction plates. Is there any truth to this? I am the only owner with about 15k on it. It has been ran on an 8th mile track roughly 20 passes. Other than, it's been normal street use (for a busa).
ok i just picked up a used pcIII on ebay for $150.00 shipped. Can't hurt. So what do you guys think about the mods. Will it really wake it up? I don't want to change the gearing as I ride a lot on the highway. The most I would consider is -1 in the front.


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Leave the ECU alone for just bolt on's and a K&N. The bike is plenty fast enough, and the Bolt ons will change the exhaust tone plenty. Marble mod prevents popping. IMHO the PC is a waste unless you are just determined to wring out more HP, and the payout to cost/potential trouble ratio isn't worth it. Install the bolt ons and ride it for awhile before you think about tuning it.
Ive got BMC filter my own small air box mod and R22 mufflers Bike has all the power I want for street use . I shift at 10500 on my tach and that seems to be on the money Red line seems to much for stock motor off power by then

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