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I am planning an insane trip in Australia in about a year. Hopefully from Sidney to Perth through the Outback. Also considering Alaska... Anyway, I have done a ton of research and I would love to find a prestine R100GS. I have an '01 Busa that has a lot of goodies I would trade (plus you add some cash) OR I would even trade for a '98 TL1000R. Spread the word amigos!

;) hehhehehe get it? It was kinda a play on words there... ya know... trader being traitor also, cuz you know.... well..

I used to want a R-GS. Having ridden an R1150GS, I never want to straddle one again. Understand that for years I thought this was the ultimate bike too. If I were to do what you are considering, I'd be looking rather seriously at the V-Strom DL1000, the new DL-650 or the new KTM 950 Adventure. All three are, in my opinion, vastly superior to the BMW R-bike GS. The older air head would probably be more reliable and easier to fix, but I think your chances of having anything more than a flat would be considerable less on the non-BMW bikes. ALso be advised that BMW showed horrendous reliability in the latest Iron Butt Rally.
Yes and what will you ride when you come down here? :super:
Good point. Honestly, I highly doubt I will part with the '01 anytime soon. However, the turbo SHOULD be reliable after the pro-dyno session. If so, my mechanic seems to think it is all I will ride, as long as I leave the stock wheel base alone. I hope he is right!!!

If for some odd reason I sold the '01, I would probably keep the TL1000R for the twisties until I get my Aprillia Mille R!