Bike VS Van


<span style='font-family:comic sans ms'></span>A man died Wednesday when his 2002 Suzuki 600 Katana crashed with a 1992 chevy Astro van. The rider was south bound on Sheldon Rd about 0745 when the van turned into his path HCSO deputies said. The rider(39) was killed and the van's driver (a woman, 34) was hospitalized with non life threatening injuries. No charges were filed.*
The photo that accompanies this article shows the Astro van on its left side. Front pointing towards the camera. The Katana is shown as closer to the camera on its right side. Its tail light is facing the camera. Closer still is the bikes left fairing lying in the road. Yet no charges were filed???

* the above taken from the Tampa Tribune Thursday Edition 10/16/2003 Metro section.
This still makes me sick, I would have gone through there at about 0715... More than likely the old " I didn't see him" came into play... I just do not get it, How is "I didn't see him" an acceptable excuse? I mean I accidently shoot my neighbor while cleaning my "I didn't see him" a good excuse? NO, I mean they need to toughen laws on this sort of thing, increase peoples awareness, do something, cause this is too much...

Damn sad... I think we should all plant about 4 LBS of C-4 in the noses of our Busa's. Then set up the triggering mechanism sort of like an airbag. So under a severe frontal impact it ensures that the POS that pulled out in front of you? Goes with you!!! Besides, make cleaning the accident scene a whole lot easier.

Now, having prattled on about that, the flip side is if the guy was going fast enough to hospitalize the driver of a mini van, and knock it the hell over, he was most certainly riding well beyond the posted limit of 35-45 MPH, so there could be some shared responsibility...
When the Law does not do its job - Street justice is next!
she can be glad it was not my family - We are hill folk if you know what i mean!