Bike in for mods


The Watcher
Well the weather is great and my bike is in the shop for some very xtreme mods. I had to take the hard top off my Jeep to at least feel the air. Soon I will feel the air at plus 200mph.
I think I could live without the busa for a week or two. If I was getting a turbo!!! I want a turbo too.      
Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, Turbo who said Turbo?
. I may have another surprise along with the T word.
How's it going Ninja? you going through withdrawals yet without your baby?? you are already awesome on that bike as it is, but once it turns into "Franken-Busa" watch out!!!

good luck with the mods, hope you get it back soon!



Yhea heavy withdrawl. 80's and 90's all week and no comfort. Well you know what they say "Being apart makes the heart grow fonder." So what a ride it will be!!
hi there, do any of you. know if
"the wave of the future" braking disks
@ fits the busa`s
original Tokico calipers,
i like them but
if i´ll loose braking power it is proberley
not a very good ider??????

carsten madsen - denmark
sorry about t. miss spelling