Bigger shirts


I was recently checking out the shirts and I want to buy one.  Is there any way to get a long sleeve 2XL?  How much do they cost and do they come in different colors?
Good questions sir... I do have some 2XL shirts on hand, long and short sleeve. I figured there would be a few people that wanted them. I only have about 4 or five of the long and short sleeve. I am working on the new order form, there will be options for colors but they will be custom orders and the total turn around time could be up to 2 weeks. Basically right before I place an order for the standard shirt I would accept the custom request from the members. Everyone just needs to remember that if they order a custom shirt it could take 2 or 3 weeks to get it. If you want 2XL shirts, then just order a XL and in the comments section on the order form make sure you put that you need a 2XL, the 2xl cost me a dollar more so you would also need to send and extra dollar.

If you guys have suggestions then let me know.