Big thanks to Flicka, Jwest, and Earlybird.

Big E

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Just wanted to thank a few members on the board.

First is to Earlybird. Back in the summer of 2012, Tim took the time and made a bracket for the busa to attach a center mount trunk. Big ups!!!

Flicka, thanks for hooking it up with a clear touring shield for the busa. Wanted to purchase it from him since the fall bash. Kinda forgot about it and asked him about it recently. He sent it to me free of charge. :beerchug:

Jwest, thanks for the HIH 2012 shirt. I couldnt make it up the second day to pick up the shirt back in 2012. I forgot about the shirt till the HIH 2013 info was released. Jwest still had it and mailed it out to me. :beerchug:

This board ROCKS!!!

Thanks guys!!!