Best way to straighten out bars?


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I just noticedmy right bar sits back farther than the left bar, maybe 5mm difference from centerline. I believe when I dropped the bike Saturday morning I may have caused this. I know on my old dirtbikes, I would have to loosen the handlebar clamps at the top clamp, and then straighten the bars, retighten. How do I fix it on the Busa? And will I need to have any special alignment tools? It seems to track straight, and didnt notice anything unusual since I dropped it, except the bars are offset. Thanks.



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if you are sure its just the bars , i have an extra set sittin in my shed , but youd have to swap em out ?


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They are not that pricey of piece. I'd probably just go get a new one, or see who has a used one.


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Sorry, didnt mean just the bars themselves. Looking at the bars and top clamp it all sits crooked. I was thinking just put it on the front stand, loosen all the clamp bolts on the side and then on the top clamp, twist it back to level and then retighten? Thanks.


Either your bar is bent (hopefully) or you got bigger problems. The stock bars are mounted into an aluminum casting which is through bolted to the top triple clamp. Loosening things up shouldnt(?) affect the relationship of the bar. I would look very closely at the condition of those castings regardless. Safety first!


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if the tripple clamp is straight as you go down the road, then the clipon is bent .....if not, then you prolly need to loosen all the bolts gripping the forks and tweak it back


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(bigoltool @ Sep. 11 2006,18:53) Either your bar is bent (hopefully) or you got bigger problems. The stock bars are mounted into an aluminum casting which is through bolted to the top triple clamp. Loosening things up shouldnt(?) affect the relationship of the bar. I would look very closely at the condition of those castings regardless. Safety first!
It doesn't appear that the bars are bent. I was hoping it would be simply the fork tubes slipping in the triple, requiring a loosen, straighten and tighten back down. Its not off that much, so might just leave it alone. And I'm not even sure it was from the drop this w/e, it may have been like that before and not paid attn: since I had no real need to. The front tire is wearing normal, and it rides normal. There are no signs of critical part fatigue, no cracks etc.


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Anyone else have any ideas? I am quite sure the triple clamp is not sitting perpindicular to the frame, or short axis is not 90* to the long axis of the bike....bars are not bent, but the triple and bars are off. Ugh...


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Well, kind of hard to get the pic to show the exact issue I am talking about, but if you ever rode a dirtbike after dumping it, or even bmx bicycle, then think back when the bike would be going straight down the road, but the bars were pulled back on one side.

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These were obviously with me trying to line up the front wheel while stationary, so doesnt look twisted at all, at least not to me.


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If you had the wheel straight ? the forks are to the left! Like what was said, loosen the pinch bolts two on top and two above fender and line it up. Tighten, ride and retorque again if its ok! If you have a F-tire with the mid groove measure to the center of the fender and it should line up with it.
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