best motorcycle jacket?opinions please


I rode like a squid the whole summer for lack of funds now im getting my gear slowly piece by piece.but which brand and jacket is good or cheap.i want superior protection without breaking the bank.also which glove are best for tactile response and protection
im willing to spend around to 700 on jacket and a few hundred on gloves.i dont want a speed hump cause i wear a ogio backpack often.also i want really good sliders.
I am a fan of ALPINESTARS (I have their jacket, pants, gloves and boots). I also like ICON. And DAINESE. And SCORPION :beerchug:

Good site to research on bike stuff:

I would avoid the brand ICON..... I've owned a few pieces of their gear and it's more 4 show than actual go if U know what I mean. Can't hold a candle next to a major brand like Alpinestars, AGV, or Dainese as far as quality, form and function IMO. There's plenty of sites that always have deals on name brand riding gear like or revzilla.
If you want the best opinions of quality gear talk to people that have crashed wearing gear and ask to see said gear if possible. For Leather Quality Alpinestar and Dainese (SP?) know their stuff, if you look at what brands a majority of the professional AMA or MOTO GP Riders are wearing you will see these brands on a significant amount of them...
any gear is better than none (i.e.squid)and personally, i'm a fan of Astars. as mentioned above, look to see what the pro's are wearing as a point of reference. it couldn't hurt and it's a good starting point in my opinion. i'll let ya know if it holds up when i crash:beerchug:

Well, apparently I'm the only broke azz on here. Been wearing Joe Rocket since '06. I don't know their current line, but I have the Alter Ego. No complaints, it works.
I've been looking around for a new jacket as well. I'm thinking it's likely one of get what you pay for kind of things.
I've been a fan of Teknic leathers for years, having ruined two pairs now crashing at the track. My most recent get off was in a one piece Teknic Exellerator race suit where I rear ended a car at about 65 mph just three weeks ago. My right leg is broke but considering I went flying off the bike after impact and rolling several times to a stop, the race designed leathers really did their job. I ordered. New set while in the hospital along with a new helmet, gloves and boots. All the above items had to be cut off of me by emergency personnel as to not aggravate my injuries. In the end, I was left with a broken right leg with no other injuries. Teknic has shut its doors due to the economy but there are a few great deals out there. Give me your size and I'll search the internet for ya.
:learn:Bought an ICON. It was immediately available at the local shop and a good fit. It's a bit heavy and hot even without the winter lining, but I needed to gear up. Now I can do some research. It's 90+ degrees here 9 months out of the year, so I'll be looking for something that protects but breathes well and is lightweight too. I don't care so much about warmth.