My battery just quit on me and my dealer quoted me over $90.00 for a new one. Any suggestions for alternative batteries that will work? I called several places, Sears, VIP, Auto Zone, a battery shop, etc and no one had one that would fit, or they did not a cross reference.
See if Optima makes a battery that size. They are sealed gel batteries used in race cars and now sold to the general public. They can't spill even if you mount them upside down. They also have more cold cranking amps and are deeper cycle than a wet battery so they can handle sitting in traffic idling (no charging) without draining the battery dead. Interstate make a similar technology battery and others do too. Finding the right size is the trick. In Reno, I saw some Interstate batteries that might fit. I'll look into it.

I have these in all my cars and trucks and have never been left on the side of the road by a battery. Even after playing the stereo for hours while parked. I would like one for my Bus.
Big wall, sure you got the right post? The "homophobia in street racing" is in another board.

Is that the name of a battery? What gives?
Damn Guys here's another thread going right into the seedy underbelly of the board...Funny Sh*t though....
I read a post somewhere either on this forum or SH that there's a battery out of a Honda bike that fits and has a little more capacity, and lasts longer. Look around, I know it's around somewhere. There were only 1 or 2 replies to it.

YXT12BS (main. free) Yausa fits fine. You should be able to find a battery for 65.00 even at a dealer. Your dealer is trying to rape you. Your dealer sold you the bike they should be offering 10-15% discount on parts and accessories.

Are the Interstate batteries the same with green stickers on them? Optima are red or yellow tops with gray lower cases. It wouldn't surprize me that they are really the same battery but just marketed differently.