Batman riding armor...check this out!

A friend of mine saw this online and pointed it out to me! Its a complete Batman motorcycle outfit! LOL! Actually, I think it looks pretty cool!!! :-) I would probably wear it if I can remove the spikes and the batman emblem. I like the rest of the design! The materials for the concept are cordura leather, built in CE armor and protective Kevlar. Drawback is that its not being made by a known motorcycle apparel manufacturer with experience in motocycle safety but maybe they have consultants hired for that? What do you guys think? Check it out. Will probably be priced way out of what its really worth just because. Anyway, I think its interesting and thought I'd share.

Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit Gets You Accepted Into The Nerd's Angels - Batman - Gizmodo

UD Replicas

Batman motorcycle suit: the suit bikers deserve, not the suit they need - Hell For Leather
Did you guys see the comment at the bottom of the third link?

"Expect to see these on lowered Hayabusas in, 3...2...

M.P. | July 17, 2009 2:16 PM | Reply"


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If I had that suit I would stand on my roof in it on moonlit nights and sometimes just in my underwear. Is that weird?
I wouldn't buy it, but I wouldn't kick it outta the wardrobe if I got if for free if it actually offers legitimate protection.

One question: What about a matching helmet? :laugh:

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