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Batman: The Dark Knight Motorcycle Gear for the Everyman

Love Batman? I mean, REALLY love batman? Love Batman enough that you dress up like him even when it’s not Halloween?

Hey, me too! Now you can look like Batman even while riding your motorcycle and be fully protected from the elements (and maybe falls).

It was going to happen sooner or later. With Batman’s latest movie, The Dark Knight, featuring Batman on his Bat-cycle (or “Batpod”), you knew there had to be some motorcycle-batman crossover paraphernalia. Actually I’m quite shocked this wasn’t out sooner.

Universal Designs are making officially licensed Batman: The Dark Knight motorcycle jackets, pants, gloves and boots that replicate what Bruce Wayne wore while chasing down that pesky Joker. And it looks to be the real deal, with removable CE approved armor in the jacket and pants so it’s not just some fancy costume


Foghoon Leghoon
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I would catch a lot of flack for that, but it would be fun to dress up on Halloween and for bike nights and just ride thru.:laugh:


Big Blue Burrito!
if they took off the weird fins on the arm... i actually think its bad ass...

if i saw a rider going past me with a helmet on, batman wouldnt even cross my mind...

if it works, its a great looking suit.


The crowbar!
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Ok so the fins on the arms is a little much, but the suit to me doesn't look any more futuristic or outlandish than some of the gear already out there!
I actually like the pants! Do they have the jacket in "middle aged ponch" design?:laugh:


1 wheel up aero testing
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I agree, no fins and it's cool.

No prices yet?

If it's got a rocket booster on the back it's gonna be expensive :laugh:
What's wrong with the fins? :poke:

Other than the fins, it looks, more or less, like a race suit with all the armor exposed. US ATGATT folks already dress in a manner that doesn't exactly fit in with standard dress codes. :whistle:

So, fins are fine but where's the cape?


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nah, but i do like the concept and would like to see a pic. with someone mounted up on a all black bike. :whistle:

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