Bad vibrations?


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The Busa feels pretty much the same as always, but I noticed that when I use my throttle lock (Throttlemeister), and take my heads of the bars, there is a wobble/shake in the bars. It is not bad, but definetly you can see this. I tried it at different speeds between 30-75 mph, at it seems to do it at all speeds, but faster at the higher speeds. It does not seem related to only RPM either. Is something out of wack here? I also noticed my hands going numb from the vibrations on long trips, but I figured it was normal. Any info would be appreciated.



I also noticed my hands going numb from the vibrations on long trips and had the same thing on my CBR 600. The joys of sportbikes I guess. As far as the wobble/shake in the bars I haven't really noticed with mine. How old is your front tire? It may need to be balanced. You might also look for any weird tire wear.


A half worn front hands..keep your hands on the bar's
period. steep rake equals sweet handling..everthings a tradeoff.. :hammerhead: or ride a chopper..hehe.....
sincerly though...tire psi means alot..keep it at spec..36 to 41


Keep your hands on the bars.Always check you tires before you ride.You might need some handle bar risers.The risers saved my wrists and no more numbness.Ride safe shiny side up. Good luck


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Thanks Guys, I realize I should keep both hands on the bars. I only lifted them slightly to verify the wobble. The front tire has about 6k miles on it, so perhaps it is just old. It has a lot of tread left though, so I will probably keep running it for a while. I see the stunt guys around here riding a lot with no hands and it made me wonder if they have steering wobble/vibration too...
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