BAD takes the cheese


After the Texas Shootout today, I followed some guys to Holmes Rd. in Houston for a little street action.
I got tangled up with an 01 Busa with a 6" over arm and a Muzzy pipe.
The rider was about 150-160lbs, to my 230??

It was only $50, But this bigass rat took the cheese!
It's really, House of Color, Candy Green.
The camera can't duplicate the color.
Hey! wheres the sticker for our site I see the " other site. "
Oh and nice job on the race and paint too.
Yeah...That's what I'm talking 'bout...Show them little fellows we aint playing...
hig, I must say, very very very nice color choice, I love it. I bet it looks the sh!t in the sun.
A closer pic of the true color.
The camera won't duplicate it, but it got close indoors without the flash.

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Chris, very sweeeeeeeet!!! I love the green and the original paint scheme.... hmmmm, you inspire me, i mean inspired me!!! Congrats on the win!! You are a very BAD BAD BOY!!!!!!!!


Very cool color. Much better than Kawi green. You are what you eat.