Bad Service, CYCLE GEAR


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Ok,, a rant here, i ordered something that they had on sale back on the 5th,

Last Thursday i called to check on the order, because it wasn't updated online, and was told it would be done that day.
Well Friday afternoon, still no tracking info, call them again, and i was told it would be shipped on Monday.
Now this morning i receive a email of order cancellation.
WTF this is the second time this has happened to me with Cycle Gear, and all i get for an answer is that the item is not in stock.
Why do they advertise if the items are not in stock. :banghead::banghead::banghead:
It's rough out there brother. I guess it's getting where you just have to be a little bit of a low life yourself and get everything when you order, including names.
revzilla or STG. screw cyclegear! had the same issues with them a few years ago. never again. waste my time on chit they no longer have....:banghead: or even worse tell me its back ordered.
Competition accessories is a great site,i ordered some stuff from them recently,called on my order and they screwed up and they gave me a $50 credit,they also have comp a cash and you get rewards from buying things and it comes off your next order...also is a great site

See ya at HITH john!!
CYCLE GEAR did that to me Several Times Over. It got to the point where I decided the aggravation dealing with CYCLE GEAR just wasn't worth it! Haven't dealt with them in years..GOOD RIDDENS!!!! :firing:
Yea Cycle gear screwed me out of a 1 piece suit that was on closeout. Ordered the last white one in my size. They shipped me a black women's leather jacket. Did nothing for me except take the jacket back as a return and covered shipping back to them.

Thankfully found out Revzilla opened a warehouse/showroom in Philly!
Well i dont need to shop them because i work at a shop, but every now and then, they have some smoking deals on a few worth while items!

This is what pisses me off, is that there point of sale system suks, if and item is now available, pull it for the ads!
I have a Cycle Gear shop around the corner that is pretty consistently good. Never bought from them online tho. And I guess I won't... Seems their online segment is pretty jacked up, wow.