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Chris, went down last night in Wichita, Ks....
Unknown vehicle struck him on his way home, eyewitness reports believe the vehicles operator was under the influence of alcohol/drugs! After side striking the Busa, the operator of the other vehicle speed away! No arrest have been made yet. But, witnesses gave police a description and tag of the suspected automobile involved in the accident. Chris, was rushed to the hospital where he remains in intensive care. Doctors believe he will have a full recovery as his only injurys are a fracture to the scull. Busa's in bad shape, but Chris has his life! Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family as they deal with this tragedy............Ks
Idiot should go to prison for not stopping. They will catch him. Glad he will recover.
Let's pray for his speedy recovery. #### F'ng drunks. There are no words to discribe the loath I have for people who drive drunk.
Mannnn...terrible news......glad he is still with us.....Will be hoping for the best and keep him in my thoughts. Hang in there....
My thoughts andprayers wiil be with him and his family. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. If he needs anything give a call, we'll be there. Everybody else watch your a$$ its the ones you dont see that get ya
I hope the catch that guy. Pass it on that we are all pulling for him and wish him a speedy recovery.
Sh!t like this really p!sses me off. Its bad enough the bastard hit Chris then he didn't even stop to check to see if the rider was alright!! The driver should burn in #### for what he has done. I wish him the best and a speedy recovery.
I'll be thrown in a prayer for the brotha and his family tonight.
Hope you get well soon mate.
Post what the truck looked like if you can, I'll track his ass down n spray paint "F^@%!ng Drunk Driver on teh side of his truck and home.
I cant stand drunk drivers.lets not forget that he split.