attempted murder


I just saw on the news where a cyclist, who was evading police for speeding, was rammed head on with a police cruiser. I only caught the last part of the video taken from a helicopter. Did anyone else see this and have more details?

I don't advocate evading the police, but is it right for the police to murder speeders? I am so angry right now I can barely type this. This "officer" should be prosecuted for first degree attempted murder and murder, if the cyclist dies!
Seems like you hear that more and more when it comes to cops and bikes- they sure don't hesitate to run a bike over but when it comes to chasing a car- an all day event. They don't really care what happens to the bikers- evil sort if people I guess. And the cops wonder why they get a bad rap.
Texas cops are actually allowed to shoot out your tires in a high speed pursuit...
Unless you guys are checking the old post...Check out the date...
Police carry guns and drive large vehicles.
Why would I do something to cause them to chase me?
Stupider yet, why would I try to run from them???
I have alluded the police...not the greatest idea. But at the same time I'm not about to say that cops shooting out bike tires is in any way a good idea. look at it this way, how many gallons of gas does a bike have? not many compared to the police cruiser, they have to stop for gas 2 nickles...