ARP Studs....waste of Money..WTF

Installed per there "new" instructions, bottom threads in case torque to 12lbs...

put the block, head and new cometic gaskets on the engine, and the damn studs are 1/2 of an inch to short..the stud only goes half way through the nut??

These studs don't have the machined allen wrench in the end of the stud like previous guys have bought so I can move the stud up..

Wasted $150 new Cometic gaskets, $200 on the ARP studs, and another $100 for a set of APE studs I have to Order

Get the APE....
Not sure how the money is "wasted" Call there asses up and get your money back !!
Gaskets werent a waste, they're reusable. :poke:

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