Boost limit on Stock 08 Found!


I found the limit of an Stock 08 Turbo, non intercooled. The head lifted at 11.4 psi. The failure point was in the rear of cylinders 2 and 3, top side of head gasket. Would blow out rad overflow. NO damage to head, valves or pistons. A/F 11.5, VP C16 fuel, no timing retard, 2ndary injector RCC kit Full Pipe
Turn it down to 7psi, no leakage out rad overflow.... Studs stretching..

Cure will be, ARP Studs & nuts & washer kit, .080" spacer, Cometics MLS gasket,
APE adjustable gear.
on my stock 05 turbo busa I had the same thing happen, I run it for a few weeks at 10# boost and it started puking water out of the overflow. Then when I ran it on 6# it didn't leak any more.................for a few weeks, then it started leaking on low boost only on a hard 1/4 mile run,then at half throttle as soon as the boost got over 3-4#, so then I put head studs and a .040 spacer with a cometic gasket and it lasted the whole summer and started again, I think because I didn't have my head and cylinder surface ground. Now with my new turbo motor (mtc pistons, 08 crank, crowers, etc.) it is doing just fine:thumbsup: be sure and check your head and cylinder for warpage.