Arnott Air Ride with 300mm tire


I can't seem to find the answer I need from search so I will ask it here....

I have Arnott Air ride on my used 2012 I just bought and with out any air in the system the tail sits on the tire and I don't want to be riding and lose air and have issues. I searched google and looked everywhere for an answer. What does everyone else do in this situation?

My setup is....

Adjustable links on stock height
Arnott 9006-QA1 Air ride
300mm tire

I don't see any adjustment to make this not rub with no air. The instruction claim there is inserts to use for ride height collapsed or extended but I don't have the inserts or the cut out in the bottom of the shock that bolts to pivot arm.

Any help would be great. I'm going to Bike Week in March and don't want to worry about riding and losing air.

Thanks in advance!


I did adjust the links but even at stock height the tail with no air in system sits on the tire...I ordered a different set up. Looks like I have the Arnott Air ride system for sale


no a diff air ride wont change. you have to either use the lift dog bones or the fully adjustable links. this would only cost u at most like $60 for the dog links.


its centered just angle of pic. rides like a charm 2 me. not really curves or circuit tracks in south carolina!!!! lol its mine 2 do what I please. not what you think is better for me. lol

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