Anyone wana trade some plastic?

I have an 06 Ltd Ed. I got a really good deal on the bike so i couldnt pass it up but i really would rather have a black one. I was thinking i would paint it this winter but i figured if there was anyone out there that owned a 05 or newer black busa and wanted the Ltd Ed white, we could trade plastic and tank. just a thought, if not i guess ill just paint it. thanks
do you maybe want to sell the plastics? i have a 2000, left side damage, but am going to purchase a 2002 (or 2001...) to replace it. wanted to paint those a solid color or something, but would definately like to have the limited white. mine is the blue/silver. has some minor burns where aftermarket exhaust touched, but that i think is mostly on the left side that i am getting a better one of anyways. if interested, email me at

i can get pics, and dont feel commited or anything if you want pics or anything. just testin the waters....

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