Anyone else think the same?

Is that the same oven you cook in? Your wife must not have been home :)

Bike looks alot better. I was gonna say do the master cylinder but you already did it so :beerchug:

No, that's just a little convection oven I keep in garage to pc the small stuff in. And if my wife were still here she wouldn't even let my powder coat oven get that dirty:laugh: if I even find another even half as good as she was I'll consider myself lucky. She was awesome and irreplaceable .:bowdown:

And you had to know once I had that exh off and the mc was staring me in the face it wasn't staying silver :laugh:
Well decided to go ahead with the grab bar. Just so much easier moving these boys around with the bar on it.
While I was at it the gold ASV levers were just there laughing at me so they needed a little attitude adjustment also.:laugh:





Looks fantastic! Wanna come hang out up here for a while? :whistle:

Just comes from being bored I guess and trying to think of stuff to do :whistle: I need to make up my mind where I want to go live cause this just isn't it around here and then get my azz back to work. You always hear people saying they can't wait to be able to retire but I can tell you from the past few years it's no where what it's cracked up to be. Makes you understand why grandpa wants to be a walmart greeter.:welcome: I kicked back in my mid 30's and it was nice being able to do what you want when you want but now that's the wife's gone it's just not the same anymore. Now being in my early 40's and the way everything is now I feel as if I could just sell off everything, move to Switzerland and start being a cheese maker.:laugh: Who knows maybe before the world ends next year I'll figure it out.:laugh: