Manifold question!


hi everybody,
i'm having a yr 2000 busa with a black stock exhaust system and black mid pipe which i know the black mid pipe can only be remove on the left but not the right!Just wondering can i change the full stock exhaust system to the one with the CHROME mid pipe which i know it can remove both mid pipe?Will the exhaust system fit on my yr 2000 busa?Thank you!(Just wanted to change it cause the chrome mid pipe look nice.):)
yep...they should go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Lemme take a look at the manual real quick....i was always under the assumption that the mids could be removed....both sides.

be right back...
nope....I stand corrected. Seems that only the stator side can be unbolted from the header.

As for the change, it should go together without a problem. The bike's remained virtually unchanged since 99.
me thinking to get 1 if it's really fit!I'm only worried that the manifold mounting point don't fits onto my busa!As i know my busa with black mid pipe is the older verision but the chrome mid pipe is newer!Get back soon!
yeah, you'll be alright, bud.

The headers will mount up just fine to the manifold. It'll be a breeze.
and the mid is actually just polished stainless. You can do the same to your mids if you decide to take them off and have them buffed and polished.
and he left.
Sorry about that, Toys....didn't realize it took me that long.