stock exhaust mods


I've heard you can make stubby exhaust out of the stock mid pipe. Does anyone have pictures and knows how to do it.
I made some. Pretty easy if you have some basic know-how. And access to some tools. I cut my mid pipe as close to the internal baffle as I could. It only goes about 1/3 of the way up into your mid pipe. I went to Pep-Boys and got some chrome ehaust tips that would just slide over the mid pipe. I got the longest ones I could find, about 9". There are longer ones out there, you just have to look. I wanted the slash style cut so I took them and cut them at a 37 degree angle in a band saw. I put the shortened mid pipes back on the bike and turned them to the correct angle. About 1/2" from hitting the foot pegs. I slid the chrome tips over and turned the outlets to where I wanted them and made a mark on both pieces so I would know where to line them up when they were off the bike. I took them off and welded a small place on the back sides of the pipes where the chrome tips bottomed out against the factory weld on the midpipes. The factory mids are stainless, so you have to TIG it or weld it with a MIG to the factory welds already on the midpipe. I only weld the backside, so you can't see it. A little silver touch up paint so the weld won't rust, and you are done. I bought a second set of mid pipes so I can change out my Yoshi bolt-ons.