Any winter mod plans?


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Hey it's Sept already. :thumbsup:

Thinking of re-wiring my headlight. Pull it out and wire my Headlight Modulator into the two top left & right marker light bulbs. Have those modulate also.

I don't know if it will wait til winter but looks like I will do the retrofit resource HID and projector mod. However, think I will raise the bike back up to stock height over the winter and maybe invest in a better rear shock and get them adjusted for my weight. Also, might try to rebuild the front forks. Never did any of those things before so it will be a learning process.

I will be coming to the org for asistance now why can't any of you live closer to me for live in person assistance :laugh:
Well my list hasnt really been started but here are a few things that i have ideas on

1 ecu editor complete remap
2 replace tires ( still the battles on it from 08)
3 prob go up 3 in the back
4 adjust suspension though i saved my settings from before on the 2011 so i may just plug them in
5 powder coat resets and pass pegs
6 thinking on 4 inch stretch though im uncertain
7 replace stock crap mirrors for gsxr1000 models
8 entertaining the gsxr1000 tail mod
9 some sticker work as well.
10 also thought about lowering. which if i extend the rear i will drop the front an inch i guess
11 risers so its a little easier on the hands
Motor re-build in the race bike... Crank is already on its way to APE... it funds allow, going to get it setup for Ethanol (E99)
Chrome for the fasteners that are still plated and re-chrome for some of them that already have it.
More safety wiring.

But, honestly, winter here is for riding until we get into late Jan and early Feb with the rains. It's still going for 100 degrees every day here right now.
1. Powder coating rims, foot pegs, swing arm.
2. New brake pads
3. HID headlights
4. Dyno tune
5. Maybe rebuild front forks
6. New rear spring
New cam chain and tensioner, and if I can sneak it past my lady maybe an engine rebuild..... Something bigger but as reliable as possible (barely starting research)
Many many new mods coming soon to my new 2013!
And the list includes many as the same as my Gen1
ECU editer
Brocks Dual CT
And that is the start!
Stay tuned this winter,,
A new set of Q3s for the busa and riding too. Rarely gets too cold to ride here.
Was thinking about trying to pull the headlights out and replacing with something like 7 CREE LED's
The main mod has been done already! Did I mention in the last 15 min how much I love my turbo? No? OK, let me tell you how much I love my turbo... LOL

Alright, small but important to me stuff which I had on my '01 which got flooded by the nasty girl with the name Sandy.

1. Headlight switch. Not gonna tell why unless someone asks.
2. Volt-meter in the upper.
3. Air Horn - probably improperly installed by the previous owner, and stopped working shortly after I bought the bike. Plus the horn switch on the dash. Plus the stock horn. Not gonna explain unless asked.
4. Dealer mode switch.
5. Tail light switch.
6. SmarTire TPMS system... along with yet another swtich. Not gonna explain...
7. I am sure I forgot another switch somewhere. LOL. I bought quite a few on ebay, so I have extra... LOL
8. Oil/filter/tires - because those go really fast... because...did I mention about the turbo in the last 15 min? Oh, I did... Never mind then...
Oh - race bike is getting dual batteries and a 24v starting system (tired of using a dual battery starting cart)... anybody know where i can get one of those?