Any info on 03 Orange?


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Yea I know, I could have bought the Black one and had it two weeks ago but I went for the Orange. Now I am going crazy. Thing is, no one knows anything except "the beginning of May". Well, it's past that LOL. I have called all the big dealerships in the country (well not all but lots) and asked but no one seems to know anything. Anyone have a sighting or know anything?


On the suzukihayabusa forum, there's a guy who has at least seen his bike. It's in the crate still but at least it's there. The other interesting thing that he noted was that the color on the crate says "COPPER".

Hope you hear something soon...
Do you have a link to that site? And thanks so much for the information Juggler
I just got off the phone with my local dealer and he said that he has no word on when the release is.
Yea, that's the word I am getting but I am hoping this week.

Thanks jwcfbd
I hadn't heard of any changes other than the color option. I'm pretty sure it's the same burnt orange color that the sv1000 is. (If that is what your question is)(if not...sorry)
I HAVE SEEN ONE!!! I was at the dealership Friday and they had gotten one in but they said it was already gone. But I walked to the parts department in the back and boom! There it was, waiting to be taken home. I imagine the snow outside kept the owner from taking it home. The paint color is sweet and the blacked out frame looks awesome. It is one badass pumpkin. Hope you get yours, wish I hadn't just bought mine.
Thank you all. I got a call yesterday that mine was in the state and should be here anyday. I am hoping that it's today.

I have not been this excited in a long time. Thanks again all. This is a great group of people here.

Stubbs SW here in Houston had one outside Saturday afternoon... I should have snapped a few pics, but I didn't have the camera with me. It looks just like the pics I've seen on line.... its a darker shade of orange.. all over... lol