Another Scam

Kevin in Va.

Hello all, thought you may want to hear about this if looking for a bike on Ebay.
The gentleman I bought my bike from emailed me and asked if I was selling the bike as he saw it on Ebay,
It is the Ad he had posted back in January, they just changed a few things. So be careful.
Kevin in Va.
I've heard about a number of motocycle scams on EBay you would think there would be something they could do about it. The thing is that these people are take pictures off of personal websites and posting the pics unchanged on EBay. This sucks big.
i noticed the auction was over now... seems somebody bought your bike for 4600$ or so.... geez.. I'd hate to lose that much cash on a ebay scam.
i noticed the auction was over now... seems somebody bought your bike for 4600$ or so.... geez.. I'd hate to lose that much cash on a ebay scam.
Hey Brian, good to see you on, the fella I bought it off of notified the buyer, it didnt run long, low reserve

I did forget to mention your GPS in the other post LOL

Kevin in Va.
Excuse the ignorance, but does a scam like this only effect the buyer, or did it also effect you as the supposed seller?
yea I've had people mooch my pictures. back before ebay let you "upload" pictures, you had to upload them to geocities or tripod to host them, then link it to your ad. When someone would steal my picture, I'd swap the file with some nasty gay porn, causing his ad to be pulled.

Does anyone use the cycletrader? is probably the best place to get a motorcycle.

This is always my way of buying a motorcycle-

1) visually inspect the motorcycle and possibly test ride it (check tire pressure and brakes before getting on it!) Turn the handlebar all the way left and right, and make sure the same gap exists between the handlebar end and frame. This is a quick test for severe frame damage.

2) make an appointment to take it to a local dealership for inspection, let the mechanic take the plastics off and check for frame damage and other hidden problems or crashes. It may cost you $50, but it's worth every penny.

3) Get as much info on the seller as possible. Get his DL#, Car License plate #, home address and employer. This is a precaution incase he sells you a bad title or fake title. If he is an honest seller, he'll understand.

4) Take your time and be patient, dont rush into anything, step back and review you're possible purchase.

I know it sounds kinda nuts to go through all this, but many times people have bought bikes that were totalled, blown engines, fake titles with stolen bikes, and every other horror story out there.

Hope this helps

Hey Big Wall, I found the bike on Ebay Mid January, talked to the buyer and made a deal that way, he was from this region and wanted to see it got a good home. I didnt really buy thru Ebay.
The original owner did notify Ebay that it was his bike and had been sold.
Hard to tell if Ebay will do anything other than ban the scam artist's name.
Be careful bidding, Especially on a "GREAT DEAL"
seems should be obvious hes a scam artist when all his feedback is repeated and they all say A++++++++, or AAAAA++++++++++
This is how I got kicked off of e-bay. Some a$$wipe told the e-bay people that I didn't pay him for an item, which indeed I did. I actually paid him twice. He emailed me and told me that he never received payment. I couldn't find the money order, so I sent money again. Bastard never sent my item, and I was banned from e-bay. Strangely enough, it was the only thing I ordered from e-bay that wasn't PayPal. Seems a little strange to me though. I think about the literally hundreds of dollars that I've spent on e-bay and I would turn around and stiff a guy for a $20 item?
I think not.