Another petition to suzuki


As an avid fan of my new skooter, I am hopelessly in love with it.  That being said, I find that Suzuki has left out one vital component that makes the Hayabusa experience far less than it could be.

I find that when operating the Hayabusa as designed, it consistently disrupts the space-time continuum, and if Suzuki would start installing really good atomic clocks on the bike, it might help.

There's nothing worse than approaching the speed of light, having time slow down, and then actually returning home before you left, because you accidently went faster than light speed, and time went backwards.

I find this wholly unsatisfactory, and wish to start a petition to correct this obvious design flaw in the Hayabusa.  

Who's with me?
Ok..I am with you ,cause now your are talkin'..The Haybusa can do strange a person..didn't know about getting home before one left..hmmm..seems to be accurate..cause the first time i rode mine at sea was a mind and time bending
experiance...But as always once you get used to's just like ANY OTHER BIKE.......NOT!!!!!! and never will.....
Yes the busa is a passion to some of us..but there are those out there who think different....Question....Are there any Busa riders who never have had it "WFO"..1st thru sixth .If you have...
It will be something you will NEVER FORGET..
I was thinking ,how curious that another thinks about
their bike as I do. But, given we're all discussing the same bike it should'nt come as a surprise. Since my first ride home with it I've reffered to it as a ''time compressor".
I cant wait to go & ride,no matter how far I go it's never far enough,and I always take the long way home.