Another Gauge Question?


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I have a KPH gauge cluster and am looking to put a 220 MPH face gauge on the bike.

When I pull the cluster out can I take the faces off of one cluster and put it on another or are the factor faces sealed/secured to the cluster?

I have seen a lot of people say they just put the new faces over the factory gauges. Do the factory faces NOT come OFF???

I don't want to swap the whole cluster because I am buying a yellow box and converting the odometer from kilometers to miles!

Anyone have pictures of custom BLACK face gauges?

Sorry for all the questions, you can tell I'm a :newbie: !


Got Busa

Look in the mods section on the board - there have been a number of posts on guage mods. Lobusa posted one around July when she did her bike - you might contact her. Also, Indiglow guages/faces are sold by or 800 755-glow.


I searched again and can't find it, nothing is coming up for Lobusa or Labusa!

I think I am stuck to white face/reverse indiglo! :sad: