Adjusting the YELLOW BOX???


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I am having a heck of a time trying to get my speedometer/odometer to read right, HELP!

The bike is a 2003 (Canadian Edition) and the speedometer gauge has been changed to a 185 MPH gauge. Everything is hooked up fine, no problem with the install at all.

I turn the bike on with no switches on and the speedometer is spot on. But....the odometer still reads in kilometers?:super:

I flipped the switches to the KPH setting and the mileage is spot on but the speedometer reads about 50% of the actual speed?

I can't figure out what I need to switch to make the speed read correct but still stay on miles for the odometer?

Also, can the yellow box make the gauge cluster read MILES in the odometer/trip set window area or do I have to buy a US Spec gauge cluster?


kph Modes. These modes display mph on a kph speedo. (But, you switched speedo's! Probably should have set it prior to changing.)
This is handy for showing mph on imported vehicles. The kph modes also allow for a range of speedo correction. The flashing light will display the 8 switch settings whenever the vehicle is stopped. I'm just guessing, but I suspect you should not correct the signal from Kph to mph. Instead try taking the bike out to a Survey'd highway and pacing out 5 miles. So long as the adjustment is not more than +/- 28% (and this depends on the yellowbox you have) you should be able to fine tune it. Infor can be found in your owners manual or here......Blackrobotics I also think your stuck with the kph tripometer unless you were to change either the brain or the whole assy....
That doesn't affect the problem I am having!

If you have a KPH gauge cluster, you CAN NOT change the odometer window to read miles. You can make it correct "IN" miles but the speedo will be off.

The only thing I changed was the Speed DIAL, not the whole cluster. I took off the 280 KPH gauge and put a factory stock 185 MPH face gauge on. This has no affect on how the odometer reads, only what you see MPH-vs-KPH!

The odometer it self still reads in kilometers. If you flip the yellow box to the kilometers mode to have the odometer read miles (but it still indicates kilometers in the window) the speed will be OFF MORE than the correctable 28%!

So for anyone looking to convert a KILOMETER SPEC bike to AMERICAN you can't make the speed and odometer match. You will have to buy a MPH cluster for both to be accurate.

Now my next question! Is the HARNESS PLUG on the back of 99-00 Hayabusas the same as the 2003's?


I misunderstood what you were saying. I originally thought you couldn't get your yellow box to show the correct speed on a kph converted speedometer and that even if you could how could you convert your tripometer to show the change also.... I now understand you are not having a problem converting (kph to mph) simply can't get the tripometer converted! There are a couple of options, change the speedometer as you have suggested by asking about the plug connectors (which are identicle in the books) or send your unit out to have the correction made. Probably cheaper to have the whole thing swapped!
Do you know anyone that can adjust the mileage on a Hayabusa?

What I would like to do is buy a new/used 220 MPH cluster and have my odometer swapped over but in miles. (For instanse my odometer says 420 kilometers, that would covert to what 262.5 miles?)

I tried and he said that he has not done any Hayabusas, only GSXR-600/750/1000.

Does anyone know someone else who can change the mileage on the odometer to make it correct?