Ancient one needs a helping hand


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This is RidersNation i have been absent fir 7 years, my old cronies please forgive. I hope all is well and nobody has fallen..

Please if you remember me PM.
Okay MY BIKE IS NEARING COMPLETION. I was tightening the axle bolts to the rear libk and my bike jumped off the stands and landed on my leg. The coolant reservoir was so brittle that it shattered and i cannot find one anywhere!! I found one in England but the dude wont ship. Dealer wants bookoo. I will be posting pics 9of my airbrush work thus far.

I thank anyone in advance. Im broke as i had to buy a new car for ex wife...

Thanks Roy
I posted pics in the members section under RidersNation. I hav bunch more just need to pull off iphone. My Bike has been in black lacquer base coat for 6 years. I just restarted in February but am laggin.

I just need that reservoir and I can ride her. 2001 Blue /Silver it was.
:welcome: back to the oRg. Daniel Goldenchild is probably your best bet. Best of luck, nice paint.