Amsoil synthetic oil


i have 3450 miles on my bike now, and i'm thinking about using amsoil synthetic oil.(10-40w). does anyone else use this brand in the hayabusa or any other bike? do i have enought miles on the bike to start running it now. i just want to make sure that the bike is completely broke in before it start running this oil. what are your thoughts.
I use amsoil and I love it. I actually notice the difference. Its shifts smoother and runs a little cooler.
Not much wrong with Amsoil. I'm a fan of Silkolene, and Motul, they are excellent Full Synthetics but pricey. I've never used Amsoil but from what I've heard it's good stuff. Never had a customer complain.
I run Amsoil in everyone of my 9 vehicles. My 96 dodge ram has 160K on it and burns 0 oil, and runs like new -still getting 14mpg with 3 inch taller than stock tires. I went to Amsoil after 600 miles on the busa and noticed the trans shifting smoother and motor cooler. I put it in my 954RR and thought the clutch was slipping so I installed stiffer springs. Turns out the motor was runner better and was just spinning the rear tire! I have it in my 2005 suzuki eiger 4x4 which is air cooled. The fan fuse blew a LONG time ago and all this summer, the hot light has never came on. I just noticed the fan was not running the other day and my GF tells me she hasn't heard the fan run for a LONG time. I can't say enough good things about this oil. I have run Castrol full Syn and Mobil 1 syn in my past cars and had great results as well. For me, Amsoil forever. (plus they are the first synthetic oil)
I will be using Amsoil after my Break-in period.

I started using Amsoil synthetic and filter in my Victory Kingpin after break-in and will continue to use it, it made a huge difference in shifting and engine cooling on the Kingpin so I can only assume it will do the same for my Busa.
Amsoil all the way. I've used it in the last 5 bikes I've owned and never let me down. Also use it in the Jeep, and have run it in a few go-fast stroker motors, again with excellent results.
me- i started the 10-40 when i had about 3k on the bike and still going at 22k.
Im changing over to Amsoil this week since we just became a dealer for their products and will be changing over in all 4 vehicles we own .
Personally I didn’t care for It, I ended up changing it over to Mobile 1 Motorcycle oil ,I thought that there was a lot more engine noise from Amsoil than the mobile 1 and I felt that the shifting was a lot smoother .my .02cents
Anyone else use Amsoil filters with the oil? Any other suggestions for preferred filters? Just got my 02 Busa last week and am changing the oil for the first time- any advice/suggestions for the process?
All i use is amsoil in my bike. used it in my 750 too. since my bike has a turbo on it the bike runs a little hotter anyway...but i think ive noticed it runs a little cooler with amsoil. who knows though...maybe its all in my head!!
Just put in some Amsoil and I'm pretty sure the temp guage is reading lower, even in high 80F degree weather.  It used to creep up toward the mid point line even when moving at lower speeds in hot weather, but I think this oil is letting it run cooler. over 41000km on it now. Its even hotter out today, I may go try it.
Put amsoil in at 1000 miles 12500 now goes into 1st at lights smoother than any of guys I ride with,(less noise)