AMA are you in.....


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I was curious to find out how many of you belong to this org......
By the way I'm talking about the "American Motorcyclist Association" which can be found here. AMA
I'll start by saying I'm a member.
Also provide a link to state laws for motorcyclist (search by state)....motorcycle state laws
Not Yet But I have been thinking I need to...How well do they represent riders right in Washington?
Nope not I. I tend to not join hobby specific organizations.
I ride, but no AMA. I shoot, but no NRA.
I drive, but no AAA. I work, but no union.
I went to college, but no fraternity.
I have A busa, but no.... wait scratch that that one   :laugh:  .
I'm a H.O.G. member for 10 more months...then I'll be looking elsewhere for an organization for obvious reasons... :D

Does being a member of the AMA give you insurance discounts?
Yep, I'm a long-time member......mostly because of the attention they pay to anti-motorcycle legislation that's ALWAYS being re-introduced somewhere in the US of A.
Good...I'm with Progressive, so that might be helpful...
I 've been a member but didn't renew this time... because I'm gonna drop the money and become a lifdetime member this fall... Good org that does a lot for riders. Actually does more than any other group that i know of concerning motorcycles.