Almost dropped my bike


my bike when completely horizontal but didnt touch the ground due to the slope on the driveway. when i picked it up the FI light was on and when i started it back up the revs where hanging for about a second and then dropped. is that normal for a bike that has gone horizontal. its a safety feature right?
You're either really lucky, or really strong, or both. Mine actually made contact with the concrete.

How much fuel was in the tank. Most likely the tank sensor just thought there was no fuel left in it, because it was all sideways in the tank.

When I picked mine up, I let it sit about 5 minutes, then started it, and all is well.
No Busa's dont fall over alot. ... unless ... your stupid, a few months back, I had just changed the oil, polished the plastic... wiped everything down... then pushed her into the garage and the kick stand got pushed back just a tiny bit, when I started to let go, busa starts down.
I was off balance and all I could do was guide it down slow. Arggggggg! I was so mad I growled, grunted and heaved her right back up again. Small knick on cover & muffler. - moral : allways check that stand and be on stable ground!
That's exactly how mine went down. Oh, the shame.

If Suzuki were to change anything to the '03 bikes, they ought to modify the sidestand stopper so the stand will travel forward just a few more degrees.
ya the stand is just too straight to the ground ...
but come to think abt it ... a main stand should solve all the 'dropping down' problem ... what your views on the main stand cause i been thinking of getting one
i think that i just had some good balance and was quick getting my right leg over the bike to help me keep it up. really freaked me out rode all day today and all is well so thank god nothing is out of whack. thanks guys.
I saw a post on one the Busa sites on a Kick-stand mod. Maybe a dremel could remove some of the stop to let it go a few more degrees? I remember the mod had you cut some grooves in it to help it "stick"...
This is the web site that shows the kick stand
click on Tech Talk the goto the second page and click on Busa Locking Side Stand Mod.
same thing happened to me. Except it was my friend dropping my busa in his driveway after he wheeled it out of his garage when we finished installing the new lights and Modding the tail section.
HE started walking away and some force told me to look over and I watched the kickstand folding. I think it was an act of God or something but i sprinted across the garage and grabbed the handle bars and wrestled the bike back up before she touched pavement

then i beat my friend to death :hammerhead: :hammerhead: :hammerhead:

Good catch I'm glad to hear that it didn't hit the ground. I think I would have done the same thing to my friend. If the Busa gets damaged the person that did it will feel the pain. :whip:
I think i would put myself under my busa if it was falling and i couldnt stop it.
My harley is prone to tiping when leaned about 3 degrees off verticle. Especially with a full tank, it weighs almost 600 punds.
</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td> (jwcfbd @ Aug. 05 2002, 15:03)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">This is the web site that shows the kick stand
click on Tech Talk the goto the second page and click on Busa Locking Side Stand Mod.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
Thanks for the lead. That is where I had seen it orginally. This is why I wish there was a central locations for mods!!!

Almost happened to me the other night i pulled into a hotel and was locking the bike down when it rolled forward just enough to displace the stand. I caught it but it reminded me to always check the stand when i get off, usually i kick the kicked when it is in place to insure its correctly positioned.
Sorry to hear about those falls, I've been riding for almost 30years, had alot of diff bikes, never though, did I drop a bike from the stand, knock on wood
knock on beer!! Although I've droped my Busa, coming down off the back of my truck, 3 inch lift kit,33" tires,about 44'' from tail gate to the ground, had a 6.5 foot plank, got the bike down to the pavement off the truck,as soon as the 2 tires were one the ground, boom the bike fell over, Just coming from the shop (that day)for the P.C.2
and dyno, and before I brought it I took off the skins, so there it was my busa on the ground, with my leg under it to help break the fall, only got my mirror (pavement nick) and oil pan cover,and alot of pride, well i learned,I now have a bike trailer
Glad I took the skins off , I might have cried :hammerhead: