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Does anyone know if your power goes out does your phone line still work? I think it does but not sure. Verizon FIOS phone line with Brinks alarm system. Last night wife woke up to alarm chime on steady (not the siren, then one like when you open the door before you turn it off with your code) noticed most power in the house was off. Reset alarm while half asleep. In morning found that almost all the circuit breakers on elect panel turned off. She called Brinks and they tell her if the power is off the alarm will not report to them of course they're selling her a $200 wireless router type system. If power is off but phone line in tact i believe battery in alarm system would still report to brinks. Anyone know for sure? Unfortunatly I'm in Greece on my way to Afghanistan and wife and kids are home alone. Guess couple of days ago 2 guys stoped while my son had the garage open asking about the shelving in the garage and wanted to look at it. My dog sleeps in the garage at night in a crate and for the first time ever she used the restroom in her bed so I'm thinking something had her worked up. Sounds fishy and the elect panel and phone panel now have a lock on them. Thanks for any info you can share.
My landline always worked without power, least a few years ago when i had one. Maybe time to let the pup out at night. Even if they are just tryin to make $200, it may be worth it if it works, especaily since you away:thumbsup:
A normal hardwired phone line does not need power in the house to work. It would work if power were out.
We ALWAYS have one hard line phone , they do not need the power . but if a whole pole goes down close to you that might do it
We ALWAYS have one hard line phone , they do not need the power . but if a whole pole goes down close to you that might do it

or if someone cuts the line between the pole and where it goes in your house
Fios at my house has a box in my garage that has a battery backup on it which kicks in when power goes out. But like mentioned before. As long as there is any type of exposed hard line they can be cut on outside of house....Power loss won't be an issue.
Thanks to all
Wife spoke to Verizon and they confirmed that the FIOS does have a 6-8 hour battery backup as mentioned. Sounds like Brinks is more interested in selling her over $300 worth of equipment we don't need while she's obviously shaken up. Sounds like alarm company shoping is on her list of things to do today. Any suggestions for other companies?