Air shifter setup


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I'm trying to get the kill time set correctly on my cycletek air shifter. As of right now it has a slight pop when I shift so does that mean I need to shorten the kill time or extend it? If I am thinking correctly it will need to be shortened. Just wanted to get other opinions on it

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you'll always have a pop since you're only killing the ignition for a very short time while the fuel is still flowing as usual.
Not always, you will have the slightest pop once you've gotten it set right, but no flames and they shouldnt really hear it att the starting line. Turn your kill time down, but do it ever so slightly, those pot adjustment screws dont take much. You'll actually pick uo a lil time on your run by shortening it up as far as you can...:thumbsup:
Shorten the kill time. I have used that same cycle tek box and I had the same problem. I think you turn the screw counter clockwise to lower the kill time. I no longer use the kill box, i am using the ecu editor program and I can do ignition and fuel cut off.
Thanks, I just wanted to make sure that I was thinking in the right direction.

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