Help Help Air shifter problem!!

I have a cycle tek air shifter running threw a ecu editor by boost by smith when i get on it real hard and shift its like shifts then jerks is like it kills it a second time does someone here have the same setup if so do you set it up on resistor with how many mill seconds?? any help thanks
Do you have drag tools activated in the ecu reflashing?

Had a similar issue with my 09 and finally figured out that when I shifted the 1-2 the tire spun enough to acitvate the ROA and it felt like it killed the engine twice
Kill time actually varies per shift if you want to get technical. First to second can be as low as 25 ms if you have a pro street tranny by Mark Doucette. On a stock tranny it should be around 35 or 40 ms, as you go to higher gears it can be shortened per gear as it gets easier for the transmission to shift due to less load on each gear.

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The Bazzaz unit allows you to trim each gear, mine is set up as 25 ms 1st to 2nd, 15 ms 2nd to 3rd, 5 ms 3rd to 4th, 5 ms 4th to 5th.

If you do not have this option you can typically set it at 35 ms across the board. If you feel it hesitating on the track at each shift, turn it down in increments of 5 ms until it does not shift and go back up.
Ludi Thanks brother that was it i disabled it and pop pop pop know crazy noise ive been pulling my hair out trying to figure this out my times didnt change with the air shifter know i know why thanks again and i set it to 70ms it wont shift at 50ms
Glad you figured it out. It took me about six passes to figure out that was the problem. It did not do it all the time, just every now and then