80th Running Of the LOuden Road Race and Rally


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Dear Hayabusa Riders:
The days are coming quickly these days,(like are bikes)
I have read a lot of posts about Bike week and where people will be, like Old Orchard Beach or whatever.
Whom is really going to be there?
I for one will.
As I said in a post under the bike week flag, we have open space and full service bays available.
My best freind has his home and shop open too us.
I hope too see lots of posts, in the hope of bringing a record # of Busa's together the week after next.
Contact # is 802-793-7120
Just ask for Timmyduck
i for one plan on being there on the 13-15 unless i get rained out or something important happens before then. Would like to get an address & time where everyone will be to get together.
How about a breakfast meeting at the Tilton Diner.
Friday morning sometime
It is right off of exit 20 of interstate 93 about 8 miles west of Laconia on RT 3, very easy to get to.
Me and some buddies will be there 13-15 wont get there till Friday about noon though I would love to get togther name place and time I was trying to get all of us together too
Oldest motorcycle races in America.
Races are at the New Hampshire International Speedway
in Louden NH.
Partying goes on at a place called Weirs Beach in Laconia, NH on Lake Winnapasaqui.
First off let me tell you I will be there rain or shine thats where my vacation is every year this time this is my 20th year going. I used to live in NH I hope I can meet with you at the tilton diner I believe it right off 93the rte 3/11 tilton exit by burger king or there abouts.I have your cell I will send you mine via pm I know its going to be cold thats no problem butI 'm not going to be riding in the rain unless I get caught in it.We too have a tradition we take a midnight run to the Weirs every year.I stay in Louden on 106 at a friends he lives about a mile from the track. We meet at K-mart buy the liquor store at 11:30m pm and then ride to the Wiers the more the merrier I hope to meet up with you then are maybe for breakfast I will be merrimack the night before Drinking
so I'll try to make it for bfast.
Jet, great to hear you will be there.
I will be down at the diner from say 9-10 a.m Friday morning.
As a first chance rallying point.
And you a correct about the location.
Exit 20 of interstate 93 routes 3/11