380lb Busa

you'd think after investing all that money into the bike it would get a better paintjob, wtf is up with that? that bike looks like a 1992 can-o-tuna. If he'd only invest 1/20th of that money into a decent paintjob, that bike would be sweet as hell.

I applaud his efforts to make one hell of a busa, but that paint color on the homepage is just horrific. Appearance before performance, thats what I say

BigGar has an all Carbon Fiber Busa like that! That machine screams!! If you go to Laguna Seca he will have it up there.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
I didn't see the bike...But it seems like he invested a lot of money to slim it down...Don't know if I would have taken that route...Yeah I do, I would not have done that...Would it not have been cheaper to get a 1000 and bore it...Well I guess the effect would have not been the same...
It looks like most of the wt savings is in the wheels, tank, and exhaust... these alone would save about 50+lbs, bringing it down to about 430lbs... a very respectable wt. same as the stock RC51 and lighter than the stock TL1000. At that wt, we might even be able to call it "Flickable"!!!!!

Tank $1000
Wheels $1300
Exhaust $700
Looks like about $3,000 +paint might do it.

Does this look right? If so, it's a nice goal to have..
Having a modified bike - cool
Spending too much $ - not so cool

Having a stock 550 pound bike with sub 10 sec quarter miles times and a top speed of over 180 miles per hour - PRICELESS