Busa vs. gixxer 1000 vs. r1


I planned on getting a busa a while ago, make that a long time ago(since march). I have now started to consider a GSX-R1000 or an YZF-R1. I have also looked at the kawasaki 12R
, but that thought left pretty quickly.
I am going nowhere

Can i get some input on this. Only reason that I am considering other things other than a busa is because of handling, and err...ease of wheelie/stoppie (you know you enjoy it, too)
The gsx 1000r is definately lighter than the Bus. I don't know which handles better, but probably the 1000.

But for pure firepower, the Bus is the bomb.
If you are really wanting to go nusts on wheelie and stoppies
the gsx1000 is your bike. Man it is hard to keep down!
Age old question, but what are you looking to do? They are very different bikes.

If you are a hardcore twisties guy, the gixxer would be better, but they did a comparo between the 1000 and 750 and the 750 was faster around a track because even pros can't get all of the 1000's power down to the road.

If you want to wheelie and stoppie, again the gixxer. I hate to imagine the weight of the busa coming down after a stoppie...

As far as handling (and yes I've ridden gixxers 600 and 750 and the busa) the main difference is 'flickability'. On TIGHT turns where 50mph is FAST, the gixxer will be easier to get over. On standard public roads, even the twisty ones, the busa is just fine. I go through some turns, marked 35mph, at 80 on mine and it has no problem.

I'm biased, but the busa is an absolute f'in machine. It is just incredible. I can corner just as good as MOST of the guys ridin' around on their gixxers, and I can get to 100mph in 5 something seconds. Its incredible. And the good thing is, I don't have to play this balancing game of the front wheel coming up or not. For me, I'd rather just take off, smoke that guy in the viper, and not have to worry about it. But that's me.

Sorry this was so long, good luck, you're gonna love any of them.
I talked to someone the other day and they said when they road a busa its was "scary fun." He has a gixxer 750 and wasnt able to put into words the busa experience. I want a nible bike, and a powerful one. I really doubt I would be able to tell a big difference in acceleration until im over 100mph, err...on a track. Tho, on a busa i would be in 2nd , while probly in 3rd or 4th on a 1000. What about the R1?
One thing I didn't like about the gixxer was the lack of low end torque. For city, highway and other roads, I like being able to barely twist the trottle to get going fast and I can still corner and flick it around with ease. The gixxers would be great for the track. They are lighter and even more flickable. But because they need to be revved higher to get into the power band, I can't enjoy them anywhere near as much as the 1300.

Stunts, of course, are another issue. I've never bothered with them, but you'd be better on a gixxer for that type of stuff. Although, you could always change the gearing for even better acceleration and wheelies and, believe it or not, the lower fairings on the Hayabusa are about $100 cheaper than the 1000.
The R1 is going to be WAY down on power versus both the GSX1000 and the Busa.

The BUsa will smoke both the R1 and the GSX1000 on throttle response at low and mid range rpms.

The Busa makes going fast truly effortless. That's the feeling that I get every time I ride my Hayabusa, and that's a feeling I've never gotten on any other bike.

And I've owned almost 30 other bikes (sometimes up to 5 simultaneously).

Jim G
If your looking to do stunts and such get the gixxer 1K.Its lighter and has a shorter wheel base. Talk about BUSA handling it depends on the rider,it does have a longer wheelbase for stability at high speeds.Handling was a key concern for me before I got my BUSA, it isn't anymore.The BUSA handles very well.
   How good of a rider are you?
I have two friends that have the new GSXR 1000, and when we go to Blue Ridge Pkw. to ride they cant keep up with me
 Why? two reasons 1) I have more experience riding and 2) I have more confidence. Both bikes were made for experienced riders, the gixxer 1000 is a all out race bike with lights on it just to make it legal, the Busa is a light speed time machine for anyone with the balls to try it . Brother you are about to spend $10,000 to $12,000 to do wheelies and stoppies :hammerhead:
</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td> (JimGnitecki @ July 12 2002, 11:50)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">The R1 is going to be WAY down on power versus both the GSX1000 and the Busa.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
Have you tried the 2002 R1 yet? They just now went to FI.

A friend just bought one and I've seen a few around, haven't ridden one yet, though. It would be interesting how much they've improved since last year's carburated version.
Today i saw a silver/copper 99 today, and it reminded why i want a busa, because ITS THE BEST DAMN LOOKING BIKE ON THE PLANET, with a powerplant that I can never really use or get tired of. Wheelies are fun, but a busa can wheelie fairly easily at speed, or so i have heard. I actually heard they automatically do it at about 40mph in first(is it true)? Stoppie on a busa, out of the question.
As soon as I sell my harley, I will have a silver/silver 02 sitting in my garage. (Anyone want to help me sell it?)
Thanks for all of your input, tho i guess it only took one look to fall in love with the busa all over again.
I think we've all been through this hair pulling decission, about the right bike to get at one time in our life, but I say just pull the trigger and get the Busa!

My 02 black and blue handles almost better than my96 yzf600 with race tech forks w/ the gold valve kit and fox shock. To each their own anyways, I wouldn't give it up. But please do you really have to ask what we would pick? After all this is the Hayabusa Owners Group.
cavalier,camaro corvette. If u ned to ask you'll never no. r1 or gxr1, what about cbr 954? Stoppies and wheelies all day ha. Buy a liter bike when u grow up get the higherbus