$350 Muzzy Full system


Ok I've got a friend who has a F/S Muzzy exhuast sitting in his garage with about 400 miles on it. He races and went turbo, and since he dad owns the garage the pipe just sitting and has been sitting in the garage for a year.

I'm ot a big single sided exhaust fan since I like the look of the dual pipes, but at $350 I'm thinking this deal may be to good to pass up. Even with a $250 power commander I'm still around $600 for a full system and enough change to get it fine tuned....

So what do you'll think about a Full system muzzy at this price

Need your input in a hurry for this one...
hell yah toss $300 in his face and see what he says either way you cant go wrong
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If he was a real friend, he'd give you the system!
I'd say go for it.. sounds like a good deal to me, especially since you know the seller.
EXACTLY how I got mine. I know a former empl. of muzzys... sold and installed his used ti sys on my bike for 500bonez... he was taking it off for turbo. worth every penny imho.
Im looking to get a muzzys ti bolt ons and there 925 bucks from Dave at muzzys.So id say a full system at that price is a hell of a steal.....:O
Buy it if you don't let me know I've got a couple of folks here that will eat it up at that price...I think the system touts about 12hp gain can't remember...I sold mine to Pit Bull and threw in a filter K&N...Hell of a deal...