3 Front lights


Anybody tried this mod?
Got mototeck clear (not frosted) front turn signals and will change them this winter. + Philips silver vision bulbs. (silver bulbs with orange light)
Thinking about drilling a hole in the back of each front signal and stick some 4W 12V:s in there too.
No mod to the original signal function. Just another 4W light in there. Could look something like the photoshopped picture.
And when you use the signal it will work as before.



didn't see this did you?

I did mine in 99 with some ZX11 turnsignal inserts just twisted tham in and wired them up

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Looking at doing it myself. For now I've got some strobes wired to the running light power and inserted in the RAM air intakes. Call'm my Fog busters. I live on the Pacific coast and often have to ride through a white out.
Found a real pic with the mod i´m thinking about doing. Looks really nice! Cars can´t miss you after this mod. Add som loud microne pipes and you´ll survive every blind idiot in a car. ;-)


Does anyone make a replacement bulb socket for a dual filament bulb that just plugs into the existing housing?
that is nice post a how to and price
and dont forget to post the pics as you make progress
and then u the man
How many watts are those Philips chrome bulbs. I installed some chrome bulbs that had readings on them that say 12V32/3CP I did not see the back of box that said 27 watts they melted the inside of my undertail lights.
I'm still thinking of a good way to use this to give a better peripheral lighting, ya know, for going around corners. The Busa throws great light ahead, but not much to the sides. I wanna use a small projector bulb and lens in the stock cover.