2011 Best of Pashnit Photography


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As many of you know, love snappin' the pics through the ride season. It's that time again...

On the road each year for about 10,000 miles of riding, here's the Best of 2011 Pashnit Busa Photography.




These were taken by Cat McCleod of our tour groups who was working on an article for Motorcycle Escape Magazine about the tours. The busa leads.





Call me Liberace!
some of that snowy stuff, you're damaged tim. some day i'll get down there for a ride. at least i'm going to be on the proper coast.


Awesome pics Tim thanks for sharing. I'm actually trying to plan a ride down to Cali for the summer might have to give you a call and go for one of the tours that you do. Hell I might even stay and find a job while i'm there lol keep the pics coming


Love looking at your pix you post! Thanks for sharing your passion for the Busa and where your blessed to get to ride!
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