2010 busa not starting.


Hi folks, my first post. Had my 2010 Busa for 4 years trouble free motoring however, just had a regulator rectifier failure which resulted in a battery meltdown whilst on a ride out. New battery and reg/rectifier replaced but bike turns over without starting. Checked cps, generator, fuses and relays, all OK. Have no spark or fuel from injectors. Is this likely to be an ecu fault and if so, will a used one from another bike work?

Perhaps your bike ~ was in the tsunami ?
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I can't confirm that the ecu is your problem, but an ecu from another gen2 will work.
Make sure both ecu's are from UK bikes, or else you'll have to have it flashed and the country code changed(Ecu Editor or Woolrich), as UK bikes have ignition immobilizers, along with some other continents/markets, but U.S gen2's do not.
Also, disconnect the battery when swapping ecu's.
If it is deemed to be your ECU, there must be a few motorcycle wreckers there to get another one?

First of all I'd establish that it is indeed your ECU which is the problem.
Thanks six-pack, that's what I thought, can they be repaired and is it worth doing?

I have not heard of them being repaired.
Main reason, you cannot just open the ecu and access it's electronics to repair them, they are sealed/molded in.
If all of the grounds are clean and tight, no pinched wires, corrosion, or visible damage, and you have tested all other electrical components, then at some point you do arrive at the ecu as the only possible culprit.
The sad part is, that you cannot test the ecu.
I hate to be the guy to throw parts at a problem too, but, if you're confident you havn't missed anything(and I say that respectfully, as I have double checked and still missed something stupid), then I would try another ecu.
And you can buy a gen2 Busa or Bking ecu from any year from anywhere in the world.
If you get a Bking ecu, it also needs flashed to a Busa bin file.
Either ecu(both are 100% physically the same) that doesn't come from Europe will need it's Country Code changed to UK(simple click of a box).
An ecu flash(removing factory restrictions) also really wakes the gen2 up.
Not yet, I can get my ECU tested for around £175 and repaired for £275-375 plus VAT got my eyes on another ECU for £238 including postage. Going to buy the used ECU today and hope it just plugs in without having it flashed. Will update when it arrives and I've tried it out.
Do the injectors and ignition get triggered from a relay? How did you check these connections? I know you said you checked but if the ecu is triggering a relay for the starter, is it the same or a different relay for the ignition and injectors?

I’m just thinking it’s worth double checking before spending money. Does the service manual specify anything else to check?